Monday, 12 January 2015

biased so?

me0w ^_^

if u have been reading newspaper or scrolling through fb@twitter these past few days i believed u r aware of the current HOT issue about KPOP..yup..the infamous clips about idol hugging the girls..
to be honest, i agree that is totally who in the right a muslim would allow someone who is not their muhrim to do that to them...the issue is..if u were in that position what would you do?

many fellow fans who've been there had explained that the boys repeatedly asked if it was ok to do that and the gurlz agree ok? So dont blame the boys too much..they are doing that as a fan service event..well to say to blame the gurlz also aint fair coz who would know what they were thinking then beside them themselves??

as a fellow kpoper..yup i know its very thrilling to have ur perfect idol in front of u..u would do anything to be near them..let alone if they are there in front of u and looking at u straight in the eye..OMG ill be floored and in too much adrenaline rush that i think i would get a literal cardiac syncope  heart attack there!! But if u know ur deen well u r smart enough to put the barrier in between..juz a little conversation is enough..
yup in our mind, we would have fantasize of kissing, hugging and any other intimate acts with them but again...u know ur limits well gurlz! there goes the power of fanfict..all the fantasy may so well be directed there for some high quality(cheap but interesting one also can?) a fellow kpoper..maybe in the spur of the moment, the adrenaline rush is soo much more that the gurlz cant seem to think straight anymore so..a mistake was made..

Aint we all human? Who are prone for mistakes and misfits?? Should we condemn the whole things just because of a few wrong?? Its not fair..

like i mean, the whole media in msia right now is full of those kind of scene ok..but it was allowed for the sake on why would they be so biased because of these scene?? I honestly am frustrated for the unfairness! if the vids were never uploaded then the incident would be blowned up as of now maybe? who knows..

p/s yeah i maybe a kpopholic but dont lump me in the same categories with the few ok..there are many of us that are diehard kpoper but stil know the limits as a muslim..DAMN how i hate this!!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Infinite F finally showed themselves to the world...wooaaa

me0w  >^_^<

Yeay infinite subgroup, Infinite-F had debuted with their new song "Heartbeat"..
Not so much to my i expected them to grow from their flower boy image to a more masculine image like in destiny..but they turned me down in back as they are back to schoolboy looks..i dont really like that because i feel that they have outgrown the concept..
However..lets have a look at the new Infinte F starring....jeng3~~

From left: Sung Yeol..L he's mine...sungjong..

So, in this subunit i think L is the lead vocal as he had most parts than the other suprise as he's one of the strong vocal of Infinite as a whole..though i've to admit i love woohyun voice more..hehe..but im contented with my orabang had more parts here :3

So now come the mv part....

so the intro part was not what i find enjoying..however all in all its a nice MV..because they give me so much reasons to spazzz...and L's wink..OMG im melting like ice cream on a hot day~~~

Do watch and support INFINITE F dearies...hwaiting oppas tehe :P

Saturday, 25 October 2014


me0w ^_^

post exam

and the 1st thing u would think about would be FOOODS...
tasty food, the one like u only eat once in a semester...
or in the early semester when ur jpa was like kacink2 *_*
no matter u did good or bad..u just feel the need to reward yourself
for enduring that whole tension filled-disaster exam result nightmare-week

"exam again??"
"but didnt u had an exam like few weeks ago?"
"y did u have so much exam??"
Yes i know....
i know u gurlz would say its just an exam so why the fuss??

the most burdensome load being in medicine is u have more exam than ur fellow friends in other courses, less holidays, fewer time to enjoy, and god-knows-how-much-thicker-they-can-be books of knowledge...which u r expected to read from cover to cover(in actuality most of us read cover and cover and sumtink in between) :D

ok enough blabber..till nx tyme

Tuesday, 29 April 2014


credit to mr google
On the surface she looks cheerful, strong, fearless
U never see her shed her tears
Unveil the mask and u'll see her real side
Full of worries and problems
Behind the laughter there's sorrow
Behind the jokes there's scar
Behind her sparkling eyes there's hurt
As strong as she may seems, she's hidden her pain in the confinement of her heart
Bit by bit, the pain grows and slowly cracked the facade that she shows
How long will she be able to bear it inside
Told no one, show no one, trust no one
Cause no one could be trusted enough
There's many layers to the persona she portrayed
No one knows her true self
It's not that she's unable to trust
Trust no one...
It had been ingrained deep in her
Its part of her now
Hopefully one day she's able to regained the confidence to trust
And get the peace she's always hope for

Sunday, 27 April 2014

People come and goes but memories remain deep in the heart..

The last few weeks was a turbulence fellow friend that been with me since the 1st year was sitting for the exams that determine their whole life ahead of them..the professional exam
Even though im not struggling with them, i can feel their pain, anxiety and tension...
My lacking self had contribute what i can to them..and alhamdulillah they make it..
For the first time ever, i cried in public..haha..really not bluffing..its the first time happy for them..
Congratulations my dear 7th MBBS UiTM..sincerely in my heart i wish u all the best for the next phase of ur life...
For the few who stumbled a few step, remember Allah know best..
Maybe He knows that u r not ready yet..indeed He is the best matter how much we have planned its all in His hands in the ends..
My dearies, a heartiest congratulation from me..
My beloved, ur time will come soon..its ok to fall down once in a while because u really learnt and grow up from the missteps..
Till then my prayers will always be with u guys..i.allah..let's succeed together